**Dear Masters 1000 Archive rights holder, ATP Media has upgraded the ATP Tour Archive - You no longer need separate user accounts for both the Media Portal and Archive. The account you use to gain access to the Media Portal can now also be used to access the Archive. To make this change we have had to remove your Archive account, your credits balance remains in place but we have not been able to keep any collections.

To gain access please click any link and find the blue box with the text ‘Masters 1000 Rights Holders – Log in here’ and login using the same account that you access the Media Portal with. Please note, if you do not have a Media Portal account you will need to request one here: https://www.atpmedia.tv/atp-media-media-portal/ > How do I register for the Media Portal (Click here to request access).

Please email archive@atpmedia.tv if you are having difficulty with getting access to the Archive. Kind regards ATP Media **

ATP Media offers a comprehensive and unique portfolio of tennis archive footage from 1990 to the present day from the ATP Finals and ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. Archive content includes full match action, player iso, specially filmed behind the scenes footage, hi-motion, FreeD and spidercam compilations, interviews, tournaments scenics and city general views.